Why You Should Start SEO (or continue) During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We all have big fish to fry during a global pandemic – our safety, our family’s safety, maintaining mental health – the list is of the utmost importance. But as the economy seems to halt and our priorities become realigned, our businesses tend to suffer. We’re all familiar with the ripple effect at this point, pulling attention away from your business’ growth now can be harmful in months to come. 


It’s hard to stay positive during times like this, but as we watch the first pebble fall into the stream creating that first ripple, we must hold on and have faith that the ripples will subside and livelihood and businesses can go back to some sense of normalcy. While we weather this storm, we can still use SEO to sustain and even grow our businesses. 

SEO’s Timeline

We all know SEO can take quite some time to show results. It’s not a magic bullet and doesn’t open floodgates like ads tend to do. Good SEO requires a foundation to be built. Now is a great time to work on building that foundation so that you hit the ground running when life starts to shift back to some normalcy. If you already have some ground built, it’s important to hold that ground. With a global pandemic, current search trends are becoming farther and farther outliers for years’ trends in the past, meaning rankings are all over the place. Keeping up with your SEO helps to hold your top ranking. 

Brand Defense

Just because internet users may not be  looking for your product or service right this moment doesn’t mean they are using all of this quarantine time offline. The pandemic creates fear, and of course people are turning to their largest information provider, Google, for some answers. While they’re digging up any and all content related to COVID-19, it’s best to tailor your existing content and create new content to relate to the current times. This helps increase the likelihood of traffic based on relevant searches. Some businesses are using this time to create safety messages, so while your product or service isn’t top-of-mind, your brand can still be visible in all of those COVID-19 searches users  are making. Depending on your industry, it might even be helpful to optimize your strategy to relate to safety during this pandemic. 


It is important to ensure  that your message is not tone deaf. You want to remain diplomatic and empathetic during these struggling times.

Taking Your Brand Online

As a digital marketing company, we shake hands with a lot of businesses that have never trekked online before. We imagine that number will grow as brick and mortar businesses are being forced to close their doors. Screen time has increased globally, resulting in more and more people online at any one moment.  Now might be the best time to focus on shifting your business online. Considering SEO’s timeline, it’s never too early to start. 

Keeping your Competition in Mind

Now may seem like a time for businesses to cut back on expenses as they’re forced to make large-scaled changes. However, while your competitor is slowing down on their marketing efforts to save a dime, you could be building that SEO foundation or pushing through SEO boundaries you’ve previously faced to come out on top. We know the search is there and people are using the internet now more than ever. Because we’re unaware of how long this pandemic might last, you have plenty of time to get farther ahead. 

Not Everyone is Saving a Dime Quite Yet

While we watch many businesses and individuals tuck their wallets back in their pockets during this time, there are plenty of people and businesses that haven’t decided to do the same. In fact, e-commerce purchases are up nearly 30% since the beginning of the pandemic. While in-person shopping experiences have been forced to a halt, online shopping is rising. SEO can help keep your business on the forefront, and ready for a purchase or consideration, during a time when the online world is thriving.

History in the Making

Search trends are wildly important for SEOs to keep up with, especially during a time like this. We’re watching trends change dramatically like never before. Trends that might stick around even after this pandemic subsides. You can learn a lot about your visitors and turn them into customers with data gained during the quarantine. Ignoring SEO means you’re not drumming up new traffic to turn into a lead or to learn from. Hand sanitizer is a search we never thought we’d see trend, yet here we are. 

Never a Wrong Time for SEO

SEO is a long term marketing strategy that can have your business hitting the ground running whenever society goes back to normalcy. It can even support you during a tough time like this. Staying top-of-mind is a relatively simple pivot with relevant COVID-19 content. Your competitors might be pumping the brakes on their marketing, but why should you? 


If you’d like to get started with SEO, you can get a free analysis and proposal from a JEMSU Brand Analyst!