Instant SEO Checker + Score & Report

Enter the URL of your website or landing page and the keyword you want to rank.  Your SEO score and report will be instantly emailed to you with some SEO tips and recommendations.

SEO Checker Overview

This section outlines your overall SEO score between 0 and 100 based on the 58 SEO elements checked.   In addition, you can see the number of “good signals” and “issues found”.

SEO Audit Overview

Website Speed

Website speed is an increasingly important aspect of SEO.  This section checks your page load speed, page size and the number of file requests.

SEO Checker Website Speed


This section checks if your URL is SEO friendly, does the keyword appear in the domain, are there any underscores and if the page is close enough to the top-level domain.

SEO Checker URL

Title Tag

Your title tag is one of the most important SEO elements.  It helps both users and search engine know what the page is about.  This sections checks if your keyword is found in the title tag, if the title tag starts with the keyword and if the your title tags is less 70 characters or less.

SEO Checker Title Tag

Meta Description 

Your meta description is an important SEO element that is pulled into SERP listings to help both users and search engine understand what your page is about.  This section checks if your keyword is included in your meta description and if the meta description is 160 characters or less.

SEO Checker Meta Description

Image Analysis

Google and other search engines need image meta data to determine what the images on your web page are about.  This section checks your image meta tags, alt tags and file names to ensure they are optimized for SEO.

SEO Checker Image Analysis

Top 5 Keywords Used

Content and keyword density is an indicator to Google for what the page is about.  This section identifies which 5 keywords are used the most within your content.

SEO Checker Top 5 Keywords

Heading Tags

Headers are an important element for both users and search engines to explain your web pages key points and content sections.  This section checks to see if your keywords are included in the important headers.

SEO Checker Heading Tags

Copy Analysis

Content is king. Your web page copy is definitely one of the most important aspects of your pages SEO.  This section checks several important SEO elements to make sure your copy follows best SEO practices including:  word count, frequency, emphasize, priority and anchor text.

SEO Checker Copy Analysis

Code Analysis

Google and other search engines read code.  Several important standards need to be followed to ensure your pages are being properly read and indexed.  This section checks HTML W3C validation, flash, css, text to HTML ratios, schema and sitemaps.

SEO Checker Code Analysis

Social Analysis

Shares on social media have become an increasingly important SEO indicator.   This section checks Facebook for shares as well as the existence of a Facebook share button and active blog.

SEO Checker Social Analysis

Mobile Analysis

More than 50% of Google’s 5 billion+ daily searches come from mobile devices.  Thus, Google has adopted a mobile-first policy.  This means all aspects of the mobile version of your website are more important than the desktop version.

SEO Checker Mobile Analysis

Page Link Analysis

Backlinks are still a primary SEO indicator to Google and other search engine regarding the authority and trust of your website.  This section checks both inbound and outbound links as well as the MozTrust, MozRank and Moz Page Authority scores of your web page.

SEO Checker Page Link Analysis

Root Domain Link Analysis

The homepage of your website or root domain is usually the most authoritative page on your website.  This section checks the links and MozTrust, MozRank and Moz Domain Authority scores of your homepage or root domain.

SEO Checker Root Domain Link Analysis

Domain Analysis

This section checks several domain factors including: domain length, age of domain, expiration date, canonicalization, SSL, robots.txt and favicon.

SEO Checker Domain Analysis

Extended SEO Site Auditor

JEMSU’s Site Auditor built into the All-in-One SEO & Digital Marketing Dashboard checks 45 elements across your entire website and allows you to schedule regular, automatic full website audits.  The main difference between our instant SEO checker and the site auditor is the instant SEO checker only looks at 58 elements on a single page.  The site auditor looks at 45 elements across your entire website.

SEO Auditor Overview

This section gives you an overview of your SEO audit including an overall percentage score, number of critical errors, regular errors and warnings.  It also outlines the number of pages crawled and the number of tests past or failed out of 45.

SEO Site Auditor

4xx Errors

These errors normally occur because a page does not exist (404), it requires authentication (401) or it is forbidden to access the page (403). Make sure you deal with each type of code appropriately to ensure the page can be crawled.

SEO Checker 4XX Errors

5xx Errors

These are fatal errors that will prevent anyone, including search engines, from accessing your website. They are normally caused from a programming bug or a server misconfiguration.

SEO Checker 5xx Errors

Blocked from Being Indexed

If a page contains a noindex meta tag, then it will tell a search engine to avoid crawling this page. This may have been done intentionally, but if not, then this page will have no presence in a search engine. Simply remove the noindex meta tag to resolve this.

SEO Checker Blocked from Being Indexed

Broken External Images

An external image is one that links to another image hosted on another website and is considered broken when it will not load. Generally it is bad practice to reference external images since it limits your control. A simple solution is to download the image and host it internally.

SEO Checker Broken External Images

Broken External Links

An external link is one that links to another website and is considered broken when the page cannot be accessed. Since the linking website is not under your control, your best option is to remove the link. Otherwise this will diminish the reliability of your website according to a search engine or visitor.

SEO Checker Broken External Links

Broken Internal Images

An internal image is one that links to another image within your website and is considered broken when it will not load. This could occur because the file does not exist or the image could be too large and is randomly timing out when trying to load it.

SEO Checker Broken Internal Images

Broken Internal Links

An internal link is one that points to another page that exists on your server and is considered broken when the page cannot be accessed. This could be because it does not exist or there is an error trying to connect to it. Make sure the URL is inputted correctly and that you clear up any issues with the page. Excessive broken links will not only impact your visitors experience, it may also cause search engines to diminish the importance of your website.

SEO Checker Broken Internal Links

Doctype not Declared

A doctype is the first thing that appears in your page’s source code and instructs a web browser which version of HTML you are using. If this is not specified then your code could be interpreted incorrectly and become uncrawlable.

SEO Checker Doctype Not Declared

Duplicate Content

A page is considered to have duplicate content if it contains very similar text to another page. Duplicate content will diminish the quality of a page since it is unclear on which page has more relevance to a given topic. Since there would be no purpose for a search engine to index the same page twice, it may ultimately lead to banning both pages from the results.

SEO Checker Duplicate Content

Duplicate Meta Descriptions

A meta description is a hidden tag that describes the purpose of a page. Search engines may use this description in the listing for this site and in determining the topic of the page. If the same description is used on other pages, it maybe be difficult to differentiate between pages. Make sure meta descriptions are unique and use topical keywords to describe the content of the page.

SEO Checker Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Duplicate Title Tags

A title tag is considered to be a duplicate if it matches the exact title of another page. Duplicate title tags will diminish the quality of a page since it is unclear on which page has more relevance to a given topic. Furthermore, it will also confuse the user when navigating your site.

SEO Checker Duplicate Title Tags

Encoding Not Declared

Specifying an encoding for a page will ensure that each character is displayed properly. Generally this usually set to utf-8 but depending on the language of the page, this could be different.

SEO Checker Encoding Not Declared

Flash Content Used

It is generally a bad idea to use flash on your website. It isn’t possible for a search engine to interpret flash content and may skip over your page when crawling it. Furthermore, it creates a bad user experience as they will have to wait for it to load and may not be able to see anything on their mobile device.  Google Chrome will no longer support flash at all starting in 2020.

SEO Checker Flash Content