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If you’ve used the Internet at all in the 10 years, there’s a good chance you have been served a display ad. Found commonly on platforms like news sites, blogs, and mobile apps, display advertising has become a top channel for many major companies to spread the word about their product or service. It’s estimated that advertisers spent $57 billion in digital display advertising in 2019, and that number continues to grow year over year. With a myriad of placement options and seemingly endless opportunities for exciting creative, a display advertising campaign could be just the thing to breathe life into your digital marketing efforts.

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising, in its simplest terms, is an ad that uses images or video to sell the product or service that it is advertising. Unlike search advertising, which relies heavily on text-based ads, display ads are used to tell more of a story about your company and what you have to offer. 

The other key differentiator of Display advertising is that these ads often show on third-party websites as opposed to a first-party platform like Google or Facebook. Common placements include blogs, new websites, free mobile apps, and even connected TV platforms.

Display advertising is known as a push method of marketing. The goal of display advertising is to find as relevant of an audience as possible, and push your ads in front of them. The hope is that these people see your ad, they become interested in your company, and then they buy from you. The key to succeeding in push marketing is to correctly identify your target audience. Leveraging information about interests, buyer intent, and even website traffic, JEMSU is able to get close to your ideal audience and serve them ads.

Display Advertising

What Types of Display Advertising Are There?

Image/Banner Ads

Banner ads are the most common form of advertising on display networks. These are image ads that are designed to attract your attention and deliver a message in the limited pixel space allocated to the ad. These ads can show up on websites or mobile apps while you browse, or in the case of an interstitial ad, take over the entire screen.

Responsive Display Ads

Responsive display ads are formats offered by platforms like Google and Facebook. In these formats, you provide images, videos, headlines, and descriptions. The platform then dynamically creates display ads that fit any size placement on their network. These ads are easy to create and deploy, and allow you to reach any and all placements available. 

Video Ads

Video ads are quite simply, ads that are video. Many brands leverage existing video content from TV commercials for video ads in display campaigns, but many companies see increased success when they create custom content for their online advertising. Video ads can qualify to be shown on platforms like Hulu or other streaming apps when using CTV campaigns.

Native Ads

Native ads are technically different from display advertising, but often get grouped together. Native advertising is meant to look native to the platform that they show on. They are highly engaging and often leveraged on mobile devices. Because of their nature, they tend to get higher click-through rates than normal display ads.

What Audiences Can I Reach With Display Advertising?

When it comes to display advertising, the audience you choose is as important as the ad creative. If you aren’t hitting the right audience for your product or service, your ad won’t make much of an impact. The best display advertisers use their audience targeting to inform their ad creative, making each message relevant to that target audience.

There are three main methods to find your target audience: audience based, placement based, and behavior based.

Programmatic Advertising

Display Advertising

Programmatic display is one of the hottest buzzwords in digital marketing at the moment. A hybrid between traditional media buying and digital marketing, it has been touted by many companies as a highly effective channel to hit your target audience with the right ad at the right time. Put simply, programmatic advertising is the use of software to buy digital advertising in real time automatically. It goes by multiple names, including real-time bidding (RTB) and programmatic advertising, but all interpretations are based in extremely specific audiences and live bidding in multiple digital ad auctions.

There are many providers of programmatic media buying available, and most use the same model. These companies have access to dozens of ad exchanges, covering more ad real estate across the internet. They also have multiple data partners that they leverage to gather detailed audience information like purchase behavior, online talk, geographic locations, and more. Each company has their own software that bids in real time for thousands of ad spots per millisecond, and informs those bids with audience targeting information. With this potent combination, programmatic buyers are able to show your ads to very specific, highly qualified audiences, and these campaigns tend to see higher CTR’s than their traditional display advertising counterparts.

JEMSU does not do their own programmatic advertising, but has a few trusted partners that they use for these campaigns. These partners have been vetted by our team, and are often only available through the use of an agency like JEMSU. By going through JEMSU, you can also ensure that these campaigns match the messaging and ad creative of your other marketing efforts.

Do I need Display Advertising?

There is a place for display advertising in every marketing campaign. With the multitude of opportunities to target the best audience with the perfect messaging, display advertising can be tailored to most companies regardless of what they sell. There are many specific reasons to consider display ads as part of your strategy, but here are a few of the most important.

Whether you are introducing yourself to a potential buyer or trying to get a previous purchaser to buy again, display ads can be leveraged to deliver your message to your customer.

  • As previously mentioned, there are many options provided by each platform to target your perfect audience. Between interests, intent, retargeting, placements, and dozens more options, you are able to hyper localize your ads for your ideal customer.

Most display platforms allow you to bid per impression, so you can ensure that your ads get in front of plenty of eyeballs. Increased impressions lead to lifts in brand recall, which can help as your customer goes through their buying process.

Have a product that people don’t know they need? Display is the perfect opportunity! You can introduce your company to the person that didn’t know they needed it in their life, and create interest in your product that leads to a sale.

Digital display advertising can leverage the same benefits as all digital marketing platforms, including accurate conversion tracking. Many platforms also have pixels that track when a person saw your ad but didn’t click, allowing you to know how every ad contributed to a purchase.

Why should you do Display Advertising with JEMSU?

JEMSU’s digital advertising department works with a myriad of different businesses catering each campaign to the business’ needs. Our work spans across many different industries, providing our team members with rich, current & ever-evolving experience. This vast experience makes them the perfect team to turn to for effective, data-driven and experience-created campaigns. 

We create custom strategies for your business.

Every client relationship starts with a kickoff meeting, where we take the time to learn about your business and ask important questions about where you want your campaigns to succeed. Since display advertising is mostly audience based, we make sure to learn more about your customer profile. 

We leverage best practices for campaign success.

Our Digital Advertising team has years of experience working in many different industries, so we have a good handle on what should work best for you. We don’t recommend audiences or channels that we think will be unsuccessful, and we review our strategy regularly to make sure we see continued success.

We design unique ads for your campaigns.

A display advertising campaign can be won or lost on the ad creative. Our team works with you to create unique ad designs for your business that we then test against each other to see what performs better. We regularly update the ad creative based on tests to continue to product results for your business. 

We use data to inform our strategies and optimizations.

Data is at the core of everything we do. After we launch a campaign, we wait for a complete month of data before making any large strategic changes, and we regularly assess all campaign data when making optimizations in your accounts. By focusing on what works and what doesn’t we’re able to make meaningful change in the campaigns and improve success.

We focus on conversions, not just vanity metrics.

There are plenty of statistics that can be reviewed in any advertising campaign, but a few are most important to JEMSU. We focus on conversions when assessing the success of our campaigns, so we know exactly how much value your ads are bringing to your business. If your campaigns aren’t converting, we take steps to get them there.

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