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JEMSU is a team of passionate digital marketing professionals.  We collaborate with business owners and marketing managers in the Las Vegas area to apply the best SEO and digital Inc 5000 Logoadvertising strategies to achieve excellent results.  Our deep passion for digital advertising has driven us to thoroughly study and understand the various digital channels and how to properly leverage the power from each channel to meet our client’s marketing goals.  Founded in 2009, JEMSU is one of the highest reviewed and highest rated SEO and digital marketing companies.

Our holistic approach to Las Vegas SEO and digital marketing has provided measurable results for everything from local businesses to national e-commerce websites.  Google Partner Logo We have assisted organizations ranging from Las Vegas marketing departments to New York consulting firms with our unified processes, allowing us to implement tactics that guide qualified, valuable traffic to your website and business. We strive to maximize each business’ traffic, leads and sales with a customized strategy.


Increase your organic traffic with comprehensive and dynamic SEO strategies. Boost the quantity and quality of your paid traffic with a variety of digital advertising options.

JEMSU is passionate about driving qualified organic and paid traffic through comprehensive and dynamic strategies.


Convert your traffic into leads and sales. Conversion optimization is at the core of JEMSU's marketing expertise. We love to produce measurable impact for our clients.

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is a critical aspect of digital marketing.  From landing page design to heatmaps and form analytics, we love to optimize for conversions!


Turn happy customers into powerful advocates and marketers of your business. From 5 star reviews to social shares, happy customers help market your brand.

In today’s hyper social world, turning your customers into advocates with reviews, social shares and word of mouth is a powerful way to market your business and build your brand.

Las Vegas SEO

Organic traffic driven by search engine optimization (SEO) is the largest source of website visitors to many Las Vegas businesses.  We take a comprehensive and dynamic approach to increasing organic traffic with powerful SEO strategies.

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Las Vegas SEO

Las Vegas Digital Advertising

Websites like Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn present a tremendous, targeted advertising opportunity to drive relevant traffic to your Las Vegas business.  Our goal and data driven approach to digital advertising leverages the best targeting options from each platform to drive the right customers at the right time.

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Las Vegas Social Media Marketing

Creating engaging content for social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter is a powerful way to brand your company, reach new customers and engage existing ones.

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Las Vegas Social Media Marketing
Las Vegas Conversion Rate Optimization

Las Vegas Conversion Rate Optimization

Converting website visitors into leads and sales is one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing.  We use a wide variety of lead and sales capture techniques from sticky headers and exit intent pop-ups to floating footers, strategic forms and conversion optimized landing pages.  In addition, we monitor and improve conversions with split tests, a/b tests, heatmaps, session recordings, form analytics and funnel analysis.

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Las Vegas Review Management

90% of consumers read reviews before buying a product or service.  Our review management software helps you automatically gain more 5 star reviews using both SMS and email as well as promoting those reviews on your websites and social media.

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Las Vegas Review Management
Las Vegas Website Design

Las Vegas Website Design

We build modern, responsive website designs with search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion optimization in mind.

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Las Vegas SEO Tips

We’re going to take a look at a few tips and tools to improve your SEO in the Las Vegas area. Um, we’re primarily gonna focus on very localized SEO. Um, so you can use these tips and these tools to improve your Las Vegas business. So the first thing I want to look at is, um, doing some good keyword research and we definitely recommend using Google’s official keyword planner to do keyword research for your Los Vegas business, uh, to get a access to the keyword planner. You do have to have a Google ads account. So you do need to sign up for a Google ads account. Um, and when you’re have a Google ads account, you just go to tools and settings and then the keyword planner, and it’ll take you right here. So the nice thing about the keyword planner is it’s really one of the only places that you can get a official keyword data directly from the source, which is a Google.

And when I say official keyword data, I realize what I mean is accurate keyword data. So let’s say I want to search for a DUI attorney, um, search for DUI attorney. Um, I can set this to look just at Las Vegas, right? If I want to see only how many people search for DUI attorneys, just in the Las Vegas area, I can narrow it down to just Las Vegas. Google also has these, uh, Nielsen DMA regions, which are gonna pick up a lot greater area than just the city of Las Vegas. It’s going to pick up all the surrounding areas around Las Vegas. So I can’t pick up a whole kind of Metro area or just the city of Las Vegas. So for this example, we’re gonna look at just Las Vegas and you could, the DMA would pull in Henderson, paradise and North Las Vegas and Las Vegas, and really all the surrounding Metro areas.

So once I kind of throw on my keyword, I can see approximately how many people search for a DUI attorney specifically in the city of Las Vegas. You can see about 140 people every month are searching for a DUI attorney. It also is going to give me a lot of keyword ideas, give me 185 related keyword ideas, uh, 320 people a month search for DUI lawyer, and the list goes on and on. Um, it’s going to give me lots of ideas, obviously related to the career that I put that I put in there. So, um, in terms of doing keyword research in Las Vegas, this is the best tool you can use. What’s also really cool is you can look at trends. So we’re looking at about a 12 month trend, but I can pull back is, uh, two all available, which looks like about four years worth of data.

And you can actually mouse over these key words and it will show you the trend line, um, of searches over time. So you can see is a keyword getting more popular over time or more people searching for it. Is it decreasing or increasing, um, in the, in the Los Vegas area? So definitely it’s really nice to be able to kind of see that trend line over time for that particular key word in Las Vegas. So definitely the keyword planner in Google ads is one of the most beneficial SEO tools that you can have. So the next thing when I talk about is specifically a Google local ranking. So let’s say I search for Las Vegas DUI attorney. I search for Las Vegas DUI attorney. Um, generally the top of the search results page. You’re going to have anywhere from zero to four paid ads, paid search ads.

And then usually after the search ads, you’re going to have this map listing and then three Google my business listing, sometimes an ad on top of those. But generally we call this the three pack or it’s three map listings, which really are your Google, my business listing. So we’re going to kind of talk about what are the ranking factors to get ranked for these particular listings. And Google has an article titled improve your local ranking on Google, um, and it outlines the three, um, factors that really help you rank. Um, the first is relevant. So relevance refers to how well a local listing matches what someone is searching for adding complete and detailed business information can help Google better understand your business and match your listing to relevant searches. So there’s a lot of data within your Google, my business listing that you need to fill out to make sure that it, um, has total relevance to your, to your business.

I’m just going to open up one of, uh, one of these Google, my business listings. So obviously your business name, uh, that is actually critically important, um, and determining relevance, uh, other elements of your Google, my business listing that are important are your primary category. In this case, they crowed, they chose, uh, criminal justice attorneys. Um, but you need to choose one primary category and then your secondary Kat, your secondary categories are also going to be important. Um, the description that you put for yourself, but then also relevance will pull from your site itself. So the, the link to your website and all of the content of your website, we’re going to see how relevant that is. Um, but there is good with us. Put a lot of weight on your business name, the category you choose and the content of your site to see how relevant it is.

So that’s the first important ranking factor is relevance. Distance is actually also very important. We call this proximity or distance, um, and they say just like, it sounds, how far is each potential search from the location used in a search. If a user doesn’t specify a location in their search, like something like Las Vegas attorney, then Google will calculate the distance based on what’s known about their location. So a lot of people do put the city operator in there. So they will say something like Las Vegas, dentist, Las Vegas, attorney, whatever Las Vegas carwash, but some people just put in dentists, attorney carwash without putting in the city. And Google is really good at knowing where your business is located. Uh, but distance matters a lot and it matters more to more competitive, um, industries or spaces, right? So if you operate in an industry where you have a lot, lot of competitors, say, for example, a coffee shop, right.

If I am searching for a coffee shop and I’m on the strip of Las Vegas, Google’s going to show me coffee shops, um, very, in a very tight proximity, maybe just blocks probably only coffee shops that are directly on the strip, right. But if I’m on the Las Vegas strip and I search for, you know, BMW dealership, um, Google might show me the entire city of Las Vegas and even, even down to Henderson, if there’s a big BMW dealership, but Henderson, because it’s a lot less competitive of a space. So depending on the proximity or the distance, um, and the query and the competitive is distance definitely matters. For example, if I’m down in Henderson and I searched dentists, I’m likely not going to be shown a dentist all the way in North Las Vegas. Um, there are too many dentists are thousands and thousands of dentists between Henderson and North Las Vegas.

Um, and so Google is going to show me, um, dentists in a much tighter distance or proximity to where I’m searching from. Um, so that, that really is important to know, uh, uh, that distance is a key ranking factor of prominence, which may be one of the most important as well, um, is outlined as a well known or prominence. It refers to how well known a business is. Some places are more in the offline world and search results. Try to reflect this in local ranking, for example, famous museums, landmark hotels, or well known store brands that are familiar to many people are also likely to be prominent in local search results. Prominence is also based on information that Google has about a business from across the web, like links, articles, directories, Google review count and score are factored into local search ranking, more reviews and positive reviews will probably improve a business’s local ranking.

Your position in web results is also a factor. So SEO best practices also applied to local search optimization. So this is really important, basically what this is saying is all of the elements in regular SEO also apply to local SEO or that particular Google my business listing. So your links, um, the authority of your site, the content of your site, um, as well as stuff like your Google reviews, um, which would be both the number of reviews you have and the quality of those reviews or the reviews, um, rating is going to play. And so there’s going to be a lot of elements that play into that ranking you. Well, we just lump that into all the SEO stuff that you need to do is going to end up being an important factor for you. So those are the three important factors in making sure that your Las Vegas business ranks well as relevance, distance, and prominence to maybe help you out.

We’ll go with the prominence. We can, we can look at one, one more tool here, which is the instant SEO checker. Our instant SEO checker is go to Jim forward slash SEO dash checker. And you put your URL in here and the keyword that you’d like to rank for, and then you hit scan now and usually takes about 15 to 30 seconds to scan. And it’s going to look at 58 SEO elements to see how well, um, you score for that particular key word across those 58 elements. And those elements include stuff like, um, your website speed, um, your URL. Is it optimized? Are your titles, title, tags, page titles optimized? Are your meta descriptions optimized? Are your images optimized, um, are your heading tags optimized? Are you, is your copy, um, optimized, um, yeah. Is your code optimized? So it kind of goes through all these different elements to see how, so this is a really good kind of tool just to do a quick analysis of how well your Las Vegas business Las Vegas website is optimized for a particular keyword.

Now, it’s really important to note that in SEL there’s a lot that needs to be done with SEO, um, but different things have different weights. Some things are more important than others when there’s over 200 ranking factors. Um, there are, there are some of those 200 factors that have heavier weight or more important than, than other ones. So, um, definitely content and metadata is important. Um, uh, whereas some elements of like your code may not have as much as COA. So this is a really cool tool. I would, I would check it out. So that’s just a few, um, tips and tricks to help out your Las Vegas business. Thanks.

Jemsu has been a great asset for us. The results have grown at strong positive linear rate. They have been extremely accessible, flexible, and very open about everything. Natalya is a star example of how to work with your accounts to drive them forward and adjusts to their quirks. Jaime is able to clearly communicate all of the work that is being done behind the scenes and make sure that all of my team is understanding.

Samuel Theil

I couldn’t be more pleased with my JEMSU Marketing Team!

Julia, Tamara, Joelle and Dally have exceeded my expectations in professionalism, creativity, organization, and turn around time with my Social Media Management project.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my journey with this team of empowered women!

Petra Westbrook

Thank you JEMSU! Your team designed and launched my new website, and developed strategies to drive traffic to my site, which has increased my sales. I highly recommend your Website & SEO Agency!

Dr. Dorie

Jemsu has always been professional and wonderful to work with on both the SEO and website design side. They are responsive and take the time to explain to us the complicated world of SEO.

Kimberly Skari

Jemsu is an excellent company to work with. Our new website blows away our competition! Unique, smooth, and flawless. Definite wow factor!

Mikey DeonDre

The folks at JEMSU were excellent in designing and launching our new website. The process was well laid out and executed. I could not be happier with the end product and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Chris Hinnershitz

Jemsu is a great company to work with. Two prong approach with a new site and SEO. They totally redesigned my website to be more market specific, responsive, and mobile friendly. SEO strategy is broad based and starting to kick in. My marketing will also be adding Facebook and Google ads in the coming weeks. Thanks for your all you hard work.

Roof Worx

JEMSU has wworked with our team to create a successful campaign including incorporating an overall rebranding of our multiple solutions. The JEMSU team is embracing of our vision and responds timely with life of our ideas.

M Darling

JEMSU is great company to work with. They listen & really work hard to produce results. Johnathan & Sasha were such a big help. If you have a question or concern they are always there for you.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to grow their company through adwords campaigns.

Suffolk County Cleaning

Jemsu have exceeded our expectations across all of our digital marketing requirements, and I would recommend their services to anyone who needs expertise in the digital marketing space.

Ian Jones

JEMSU was able to quickly migrate my site to a new host and fix all my indexation issue. I look forward to growing my services with JEMSU as I gain traffic. It’s a real pleasure working with Julian and Juan, they’re both very professional, courteous and helpful.

Kevin Conlin

JEMSU is incredible. The entire team Is professional, they don’t miss a deadlines and produce stellar work. I highly recommend Chris, Rianne, and their entire team.

Andrew Boian

We’ve been working with JEMSU for about five months and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Our traffic is up and our leads are increasing in quality and quantity by the month. My only regret is not finding them sooner! They’re worth every penny!

Alison Betsinger

Why Hire JEMSU?

At JEMSU we firmly believe marketing and sales are the life blood of many Las Vegas businesses.  Creating strong SEO and digital advertising campaigns can significantly grow your business. Our team will closely collaborate with you to create clear digital marketing growth goals.  We’ll dive into your business model and establish benchmarks around every aspect of your conversion funnel.  We’ll create goals and benchmarks that can act as a guide in many of your marketing decisions. We are confident our comprehensive and dynamic SEO and digital advertising strategies will grow your traffic, leads and sales.  Our dashboard will allow you to thoroughly monitor every aspect of SEO progress including the 3 most important key performance indicators (KPIs), overall organic visibility, organic traffic and organic conversions.  In addition, our dashboard will allow you to thoroughly track the progress of all your digital advertising campaigns including Google Ads, Bing & Yahoo Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Ads and more.

We are committed to providing a detailed dashboard & PDF reports to monitor every aspect of your SEO & digital marketing efforts.  At JEMSU we take a data driven approach to constantly improve SEO and digital advertising campaign performance. Our team will analyze campaign progress and provide phone, video and email consultations to help shed light on the mountains of data we collect in a concise manner.  We make a variety of adjustments to our strategies based on the data we analyze.   We pledge to apply our years of SEO and digital marketing expertise to find the best data driven strategies that meet your digital marketing goals.   As a Las Vegas SEO and digital advertising agency we drink our own kool aid and conduct the entire spectrum of SEO and digital advertising strategies for ourselves.  We believe this is one of the reasons JEMSU has been on the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies list, twice.  We are eager to advance our expertise through continued learning and collaboration with companies who believe in the power of SEO and digital advertising.

  • 10+ Years in Business

  • #1 Ranked SEO Company in Denver

  • Hundreds of Happy Clients

  • Google Premier Partner

  • Bing Accredited Professional

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Frequently Asked Questions

We create custom SEO strategies and pricing for each client based on several factors including: the history of their website, competition, market/s size, industry and more.  Most our SEO strategies range from $500-$3000 per month.

The time it takes to rank keywords can vary widely based on several factors.  Less competitive & long tail keywords rank quicker than competitive & short tail keywords.  Generally SEO is a long term strategy and the best way to monitor overall success is to gauge the trajectory of SEO’s key performance indicators:  Overall organic visibility, organic traffic and organic conversions.  We usually need 6-12 months to show strong SEO growth.

Yes.  If you have the time, expertise and structured process.  We’ve found a large number of business owners and marketing manager don’t have the time, expertise or structured process to achieve excellent SEO results.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

A potential budget can be based on hundreds of factors, and your JEMSU team takes a lot of those into account before giving a budget recommendation. We reference multiple external and internal tools to find competition levels, average CPC’s, what your competitors spend monthly, and more to find the perfect budget for your business. Our strategy is never for you to spend the most, but for you to spend the smartest.

When it comes to any marketing, there is always a point of statistical significance that needs to be reached before you can evaluate the effectiveness of that channel. When we recommend a budget for your business, it’s based on what we think we need to reach that point of statistical significance. Typically that number is 1,000 clicks, and we want to reach that number within 3 months. Once you have 1,000 clicks, you can start to assess which keywords, ads, and audiences are working and which ones aren’t.
Additionally, some industries need a bare minimum budget to even compete within the marketplace. Keywords for personal injury attorneys can cost up to $100+ per click, so spending $500 a month is just not a realistic budget. We will always recommend that competitive and expensive industries invest more money to compete with other businesses in the auction.

Absolutely! What’s the point of spending money each month if you don’t know what it’s doing for you? On average, our JEMSU clients received more phone calls than any other lead, and close more phone calls than any other lead. Without some form of call tracking, that data is never captured, and campaigns are never optimized towards truly top performing keywords and ads.

Yes.  We use Google Ad’s machine learning in Smart Bidding and Smart Creatives wherever possible to achieve the best results.

You determine how much you want to spend on digital advertising.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Many More…..

Cost-per-clicks vary widely based on industry, market, desired position and impression share, keyword choice, etc.  Simply put cost-per-clicks can vary from $.25-$50+

Yes. Organic traffic is often the largest source of website visitors to many business websites.  In addition, organic traffic can have a strong conversion rate turning traffic into leads and sales.

Paid Advertising campaigns are known for their “immediate” results. While results can come faster than an organic channel like SEO, digital advertising still takes time to refine and optimize. Leads and sales can come in as early as day one. For most of our campaigns, results start to look good after about 2.5 months of consistent running. By month 6, we start to see consistent conversions at a reasonable CPA.

Sometimes PPC is looked at as a short term fix until SEO gets you ranking organically. While it can be helpful for that purpose, PPC has so much to offer on its own! In addition to quickly putting you on the top of search results page for your desired keywords, PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors. Buyers are comfortable being advertised to on Google, so paid ads on high intent keywords get 65% of clicks. A winning strategy involves both SEO & PPC.

Ideally, your business can and should be running ads on both platforms. Both reach people at different points in their buying process and both can be effective to drive more leads and sales to your business. In your kickoff meeting with JEMSU, we talk about your advertising goals, your business, and your budget. By learning about these, we recommend which channels will work best for you in this moment, as well as provide an action plan for future channels to add to your marketing mix.

Success depends on what you are looking to get from your campaigns. Your JEMSU team helps you set realistic KPI’s from our first meeting, and checks in on those KPI’s as your campaign progresses. Whether your goal is to get more brand awareness or more sales, we work with you to achieve your goals throughout the life of your JEMSU campaign.