How to Instantly Audit Your SEO



I’m going to show you how to instantly audit your SEO. You simply go to, and then you add your URL right here, and then you input the keyword that you want to see, how well that keyword is optimized for that particular URL. And you simply add your email address and then press scan. Now it will take about 15 seconds to scan your website.  The unique thing about this SEO checker is it looks at your website for a particular keyword, the majority of SEO analyzers / checkers out there, and there are a lot out there, the majority of them do not check for a particular keyword. They’re just going to do a general analysis. So if you really want to see how you’re optimized for a particular keyword, this is one of a few SEO checkers that will do that.

Once the SEO report is complete, it will pop up like this instantly and you can see your overall SEO score. It will show us the webpage that we checked, as well as the keyword that we checked. Your score comes from 58 SEO elements that are checked. In this case, we had 40 good signals and 18 issues found out of the 58.  The whole report goes through the 58 elements that it checks. If you pass that element, it will give you a green check Mark. If you fail that element, it will give you a red X. At the bottom of the report, you will have a task list that is all of the elements that were marked red. So a simple way to go through the items that were missed on the report. Um, you can download this report as a PDF and save it that way. And that’s it. A very quick and simple way to do a instant SEO audit. Thanks.