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Step by Step Guide on Proper Split Testing in Google Ads

Step By Step Guide On Proper Split Testing In Google Ads Split testing is an important part of perfecting any advertising campaign. Whatever metrics you're tracking - whether they’re clicks, click-through rates, leads, purchases, etc. - enough testing will help you find the right combination of factors to spend every dollar efficiently. A

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Pinterest Ad Opportunities For Your Business

Pinterest Ad Opportunities for Your Business If you’ve been avoiding Pinterest for marketing, chances are you’ve been ignoring a big source of traffic  —   and even revenue. As JEMSU’s Pinterest rep put it: Pinterest is a platform for the future. Meaning, users browse the platform to plan ahead. Because of this, conversions

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The 12 Biggest Facebook Ads Mistakes We Find in Accounts

The 12 Biggest Facebook Ads Mistakes We Find in Accounts With over 9 million active advertisers, Facebook is far from just a social media platform. It has become an integral part of a customer’s journey, and has been found to heavily influence consideration and even drive direct sales depending on your industry.  While

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What to do if your SEO rankings drop: Identifying why your SEO rankings dropped and how to fix

What to do if your SEO rankings drop:  Identifying why your rankings dropped and how to fix Your site’s rankings can tank in what seems like only a split second. If you, like a lot of other businesses and website owners, rely on first page rankings to bring in leads or purchases; a drop in

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