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WordPress is the mostly widely used and supported CMS on the web.  It is estimated that 25% of all websites worldwide are run on WordPress.  One of the many reasons WordPress is the most popular platform is because of it’s flexibility and versatility.  WordPress is also the best platform for search engine optimization for several reasons.  First, WordPress has hundreds of SEO plugins.  This makes it easy for both beginners and SEO professionals to optimized lots of different elements on their websites using plugins.  Second, WordPress is an open source platform that allows you access to the root PHP code.  This is important for advanced SEO professionals that need to optimize various elements of the code.  Third, WordPress can be installed on a variety of servers.  This allows users access and control over server-side SEO settings.  Google continues to place more SEO value on website speed. Access to both the code of your website and server settings is critical in optimizing your website for speed.

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