What is the Local SERP Click Distribution?


Okay, we’re going to take a look at the click distribution of a local search engine results page and buy local search engine results page. I mean a Google page where the Google my business listings or the Google maps are shown, uh, like this right here. So this little three-pack right here is what we’d call the Google three-pack or your Google my business listings. Um, and so any query that triggers the maps we would call a local SERP. Um, in this case we’re going to use a San Jose dentist as an example to trigger that. Now the first part of this page, you’re going to have the ads and Google will serve up to four ads. Uh, this is relatively new for years. They only served up three and they decided to remove the sidebar and increase it to four. And, um, so that’s what you’re going to have at the top of every search engine results page.

Uh, we believe that about 20% of all clicks go to one of these four ads. Could be three ads, can be four. Um, which ad gets clicked the most is going to depend on the quality of the ad. Um, but about 20% of all clicks will go to the ads. So the next section here is generally the, um, Google my business listings or these map listings. And these map listings are really kind of your first organic, uh, results. And we believe that about 50% of all clicks go to one of these three map listings. Again, uh, which one of the threes will get clicked is going to depend on your reviews. Um, how many reviews you have, do you have quality reviews and the relevancy, but a majority of the organic clicks go to one of these three. Um, the last section, you’re going to have 10 or regular organic listing.

So this very last section, uh, is going to pick up approximately the remaining 25% of clicks, so significantly less than the map pack, but about 25% of clicks will go to one of the remaining 10 with the majority going to the first organic position. And then the second and the third, and so on. At the very bottom of the page, you actually have more ads. You may have up to three more ads, um, and you then have the ability to go on to another page. And we believe that between these, you’re probably only going to have between five and 10% click on the bottom ads or people that didn’t find what they’re looking for and move on to the next page. So we’re, here’s kind of a summary. The ads at the very top will pick up 20% of clicks. The map pack, if it’s the first top organic positioning, we’ll pick up 50% of all clicks. The remaining 10% of organic ads, we’ll pick up 25% of the clicks and the bottom ads and people moving on to the next page will be five to 10% of clicks. So clearly shows the importance of being positioned at or near the top of the search engine results page. Um, and that is the click distribution of a local search engine results page. Thanks.