Okay. I’m going to show you how to calculate the value of your leads using JEMSU’s lead value calculator. Calculating the value of your leads is especially important if you are a service based business or receive most of your leads from phone calls or form submissions. It’s really important to calculate the value of your leads and assign it and monetary value within Google analytics so you can truly understand the return on your investment in your various digital marketing channels. So to find the lead value calculator, you simply go to JEMSU.com then resources and then lead value calculator down. You can scroll down to the bottom where the calculator is and you’ll just need to input a few items here. So we are going to use some example data and example data we have is an accounting slash bookkeeping firm and on average their customers pay them $500 a month.

So we will put that into the average value of a single customer transaction. The next question is average number of transactions over the life of your average customer. So we’re going to say that in this scenario, the average customer stays for three and a half years. Um, so we’re going to say 42 months is the average life time for this customer. So it’s going to output the average lifetime value of the customer, which in this case is $21,000 for the average value. So the next data we need to input is the conversion rate of a lead. So we’re going to say that we convert leads at about one in 10 or 10%, and then that will output the average value of our leads, which is $2,100. We would then take that $2,100 and put it into Google analytics so we can, um, monitor all of our channels, um, and really understand the return on our investment. Um, calculating the value of our leads can be a little bit challenging because everybody has varying, um, service values and, and um, varying customer lengths or how long a customer stays with them. So sometimes it can be pretty challenging. So you can see that we grab a lot of averages. Uh, but overall, it’s definitely very important to figure it out, the average, and then take that information and add it to your Google analytics goal. So that’s how you use JEMSU’s lead value calculator to calculate the value of your leads. Thanks.