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JEMSU is a team of passionate Los Angeles social media marketing professionals.  We collaborate with business owners and marketing managers to design social media Inc 5000 Logo campaign strategies that grow followers, engagement, loyalty and revenue.  Our deep passion for Los Angeles social media marketing has driven us to thoroughly study and understand the various social media platforms and how to properly leverage the power from each social platform to meet our client’s social media goals.  Founded in 2009, JEMSU is one of the highest reviewed and highest rated digital marketing companies.

Our holistic approach to Los Angeles social media marketing has provided measurable results for everything from local businesses to national e-commerce websites.  Los Angeles Social Media Marketing | #1 Rated Social Agency We love designing creative social ads and organic social campaigns. Our unified Los Angeles social media marketing processes allows us to implement tactics that grow followers, enhance engagement, gain loyalty and drive revenue for brands online. We strive to maximize each business’ social media goals with a customized strategy.  Contact us today for a free social media marketing analysis and proposal.


Increase your followers with comprehensive and dynamic social media strategies. Boost the quantity and quality of your followers with a variety of social campaign tactics.

JEMSU is passionate about growing qualified followers through comprehensive and dynamic strategies.


Our team designs creative campaigns and content that engages followers and enhances conversations around your brand and products or services on social media.

Engagement is an important aspect of social media marketing.  We design engaging content that yields likes, shares and comments.


Social media ads have a wide variety of targeting options making them an effective way to drive traffic, conversions and revenue for your business.

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube provide lots of targeting options that makes advertising effective.

Social Media Analysis

JEMSU‘s social media marketing team will provide a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your presence and strategy on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and more.

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Los Angeles Social Media Marketing | #1 Rated Social Agency
Los Angeles Social Media Marketing | #1 Rated Social Agency

Social Media Campaign Strategy

JEMSU‘s team will design creative paid and organic social campaign strategies for the major social platforms that increase your following, boost your engagement, enhance the loyalty of your customers and drive revenue for your business.

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Social Media Content Calendars

Our social media marketing team creates strategic content calendars that allow your business to see what creative content will be posted, when the creative content will be posted, and the cadence and content strategy for each social platform.

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Los Angeles Social Media Marketing | #1 Rated Social Agency
Los Angeles Social Media Marketing | #1 Rated Social Agency

Social Media Creative Design

Creative imagery and videos are an important part of effective social media campaigns.  Our team will work closely with your business to design creatives that drive growth, engagement, loyalty and revenue for your brand.

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Social Media Engagement Optimization

Successful social media campaigns require constant attention and optimization to achieve optimal results.  Our social media marketing team takes a data-driven approach to optimizing social campaigns for the best results.

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Los Angeles Social Media Marketing | #1 Rated Social Agency
Los Angeles Social Media Marketing | #1 Rated Social Agency

Social Media Community Management

Building your brands social community and engaging with them across the major social platforms is an important aspect of building customer loyalty.  Our social media marketing team will engage with your customers and build social communities around your brand.

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Social Media Influencer Management

Engaging with social media influencers is a powerful way to promote your brand and reach new customers across social media platforms.  Our social media marketing team will analyze and engage with influencers that match your brand and audience.

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Los Angeles Social Media Marketing | #1 Rated Social Agency
Los Angeles Social Media Marketing | #1 Rated Social Agency

Social Media Ads

Social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok are an effective way of growing your followers, traffic and revenue.  Our certified advertising specialists can help you determine the right advertising budget and targeting options to achieve the best results.

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Jemsu has been a great asset for us. The results have grown at strong positive linear rate. They have been extremely accessible, flexible, and very open about everything. Natalya is a star example of how to work with your accounts to drive them forward and adjusts to their quirks. Jaime is able to clearly communicate all of the work that is being done behind the scenes and make sure that all of my team is understanding.

Samuel Theil

I couldn’t be more pleased with my JEMSU Marketing Team!

Julia, Tamara, Joelle and Dally have exceeded my expectations in professionalism, creativity, organization, and turn around time with my Social Media Management project.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my journey with this team of empowered women!

Petra Westbrook

Thank you JEMSU! Your team designed and launched my new website, and developed strategies to drive traffic to my site, which has increased my sales. I highly recommend your Website & SEO Agency!

Dr. Dorie

Jemsu has always been professional and wonderful to work with on both the SEO and website design side. They are responsive and take the time to explain to us the complicated world of SEO.

Kimberly Skari

Jemsu is an excellent company to work with. Our new website blows away our competition! Unique, smooth, and flawless. Definite wow factor!

Mikey DeonDre

The folks at JEMSU were excellent in designing and launching our new website. The process was well laid out and executed. I could not be happier with the end product and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Chris Hinnershitz

Jemsu is a great company to work with. Two prong approach with a new site and SEO. They totally redesigned my website to be more market specific, responsive, and mobile friendly. SEO strategy is broad based and starting to kick in. My marketing will also be adding Facebook and Google ads in the coming weeks. Thanks for your all you hard work.

Roof Worx

JEMSU has wworked with our team to create a successful campaign including incorporating an overall rebranding of our multiple solutions. The JEMSU team is embracing of our vision and responds timely with life of our ideas.

M Darling

JEMSU is great company to work with. They listen & really work hard to produce results. Johnathan & Sasha were such a big help. If you have a question or concern they are always there for you.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to grow their company through adwords campaigns.

Suffolk County Cleaning

Jemsu have exceeded our expectations across all of our digital marketing requirements, and I would recommend their services to anyone who needs expertise in the digital marketing space.

Ian Jones

JEMSU was able to quickly migrate my site to a new host and fix all my indexation issue. I look forward to growing my services with JEMSU as I gain traffic. It’s a real pleasure working with Julian and Juan, they’re both very professional, courteous and helpful.

Kevin Conlin

JEMSU is incredible. The entire team Is professional, they don’t miss a deadlines and produce stellar work. I highly recommend Chris, Rianne, and their entire team.

Andrew Boian

We’ve been working with JEMSU for about five months and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Our traffic is up and our leads are increasing in quality and quantity by the month. My only regret is not finding them sooner! They’re worth every penny!

Alison Betsinger

Why Hire JEMSU for Los Angeles Social Media Marketing?

Social media has become an important touch point in the customer journey.  Maintaining a social presence is an important part of engaging customers and building your brand. Our team will closely collaborate with you to create Los Angeles social media marketing goals.  We’ll dive into your business model and establish benchmarks around every aspect of your social media presence.  We’ll create goals and benchmarks that can act as a guide in many of your social media marketing decisions. We are confident our comprehensive and dynamic Los Angeles social media marketing strategies will grow your followers, engagement, loyalty and revenue.  Our dashboard will allow you to thoroughly monitor every aspect of social media marketing progress including key performance indicators (KPIs) like, overall follower growth, engagement metrics, referring traffic and even conversions.  Our dashboard will allow you to thoroughly track the progress of both your organic and paid social campaigns including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat and Vimeo.

We are committed to providing a detailed dashboard & PDF reports to monitor every aspect of your Los Angeles social media marketing efforts.  At JEMSU we take a data driven approach to constantly improve social media campaign performance. Our team will analyze social campaign progress and provide phone, video and email consultations to help shed light on the mountains of data we collect in a concise manner.  We make a variety of adjustments to our social strategies based on the data we analyze.   We pledge to apply our years of social media marketing expertise to find the best data driven strategies that meet your social media marketing goals.   As a Los Angeles social media marketing agency we drink our own kool aid and conduct the entire spectrum of social & digital advertising strategies for ourselves.  We believe this is one of the reasons JEMSU has been on the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies list, twice.  We are eager to advance our expertise through continued learning and collaboration with companies who believe in the power of social media, SEO and digital advertising.

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  • Top Social Media Company

  • Hundreds of Happy Clients

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 Los Angeles Social Media Marketing // FAQs

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

We design custom strategies and pricing for our clients based on many factors.  Our typical social media marketing campaigns range from $500/mo up to $5000/mo+

The optimal frequency of posting content social media depends on several factors including, your industry, the engagement rate of your customers, the type of content you are posting and social platform your posting the content on.  Simply put, posting could vary from daily to monthly.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Many More…..

JEMSU provides several calculators that can help you determine a good advertising budget or project your ROAS (return on ad spend).  You can use our Cost Per Lead Calculator to determine your target cost per lead.

Each social media platform has different demographics and targeting options for advertising.  The best approach is to identify your target audience and choose the social platform that can best target that specific audience.  For example, Facebook and Instagram of good interest targeting and demographic targeting.  LinkedIn has better business data targeting like, company size, position within company, etc.