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The original social media platform is now the top social channel to advertise on. Whether your business is looking for new consumer leads or trying to sell the next great product, a well targeted Facebook Ad can be just the thing to drive home the sale. It’s estimated that over $11.5 billion was spent on Facebook advertising in 2020, a jump of $2 billion despite a global economic downturn. With growth like this, it’s no surprise that Facebook advertising is one of the most popular channels amongst JEMSU’s clients.

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What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising is exactly as the name suggests. These ads run as part of Facebook’s advertising platform, which opens the door to running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Facebook Audience network. These ads run based on audience targeting, so they can be highly specific to the audience you want to advertise to. 

Facebook advertising has many different objectives that you can leverage within your campaigns. These dynamic placements can help you do everything from grow your page audiences to driving sales via conversion ads. Additionally, Facebook ads are highly visual in nature, often looking like posts on the platforms where they appear. Because of this, consumers are more open to your messaging than traditional advertising methods.

With the implementation of the Facebook pixel, the capabilities of your campaigns can increase tenfold. Facebook applies information about your audiences and artificial intelligence to target potential customers on a deeper level, helping increase your results without spiking your costs.

How can I target my Facebook Ads?

Most brands love Facebook for the detailed targeting options available to them. These targeting options can help companies find sales at every level of the purchase journey, from cold prospects to returning customers. 

There are dozens of options available when it comes to targeting, but below are the main categories that JEMSU uses when creating client campaigns.

One of the most popular ways to target, Facebook’s pixel has a wealth of information to inform your campaigns. Many advertisers leverage the Facebook pixel to tap into retargeting audiences. They can easily track movement on the site and serve an ad to people who made it to a particular page without converting.

Much like other ad platforms, Facebook can use a provided list of customers or leads and match that with users on their website. These lists perform best when they are populated with valuable information like name, phone number, and email addresses. 

Because ads are running from the Facebook platform, your own social media pages can inform your advertising strategy. Companies can create audiences of people who engage with their posts, follow their pages, attend their events, or even just watch their videos. These audiences are a great way to engage with your current fans and get the sale.

Facebook provides a number of interests that are available to use for targeting purposes. These audiences often contain millions of users who share similar interests that may relate to your product or service. In addition to interests, Facebook also offers some behavioral targeting like consumers in the market for a new car, or users who are likely to make a purchase from a Facebook ad.

Often a favorite among advertisers, lookalike audiences are where Facebook’s AI capabilities really shine. Using either a pixel, list, or page based audience, Facebook can find more users that “look like” that audience in varying amounts. A 1% lookalike in the US is about 2.4 million people, and that number goes up with each percentage you expand your audience. Lookalike audiences are a great way to expand reach and increase sales.

Within these audiences, there are also options to narrow or widen your campaign based on basic demographics and settings. Facebook allows you to target locations as small as a 1 mile radius, or as large as the entire world. Ads default to a target age of 18-65+, but advertisers can target by specific ages. The campaigns can be as specific or as general as you’d like, which is why so many advertisers embrace Facebook Ads.

Are Facebook ads trackable?

When Facebook advertising was first introduced, many companies were worried about how trackable their dollars would be. Digital advertising is favored because of how easily sales can be traced back to ad spend. Facebook ads are no different, and in fact, can be highly effective at showing how ads feature in the full sales cycle.

The key to Facebook’s tracking capabilities is the Facebook pixel. This code is placed on your website and starts tracking traffic almost immediately. With a few extra clicks and the Facebook Event Setup tool, common conversions like form submissions, email signups, button clicks, and more can be tracked with ease. Once your conversions are correctly set up, Facebook will let you optimize your ads towards specific conversion goals, like a form submission or a purchase. Conversion based campaigns are a JEMSU favorite.

If you are an ecommerce company, the Facebook pixel can also be used to track online sales revenue. Sites like Shopify, Bigcommerce, and WordPress have add ons that automatically track revenue from the pixel. Custom sites need a bit more coding to pull in all of the information, but unlocking this tracking allows you to see statistics like revenue and ROAS in the Facebook Ads platform.

What do Facebook Ads look like?

Facebook ads are made to look native to the platform they are running on. An ad in the Facebook news feed will look like a regular post. An ad running on Facebook’s Audience Network will be adapted to look like the site or app it’s running on. With Facebook’s main ad formats, it’s easy to create attention grabbing ads that convert.

Do Facebook Ads actually work?

As in most cases, this will depend on the client and the industry. For many ecommerce clients, Facebook ads are the obvious choice. The ads can be highly targeted to their ideal audience, and the ad creative can showcase what makes their products great. For multiple B2C clients, JEMSU has been able to generate leads for new business at a fraction of the cost of other platforms. 

In the screenshot below, we can see 90 days of results with one of our ecommerce clients. They had a brand new website and a unique new product when they came to JEMSU, and knew that Facebook advertising would be a great way get in front of the right people. This client is using a mix of interests, lookalikes, and pixel based audiences to target both cold prospects and retarget to website visitors. In the last 90 days, we’ve been able to generate over 450 purchases with a return on ad spend of 4.70. 

We’re very proud of the strides we’ve been able to make in this account. However, like with every advertising platform, Facebook might not be the answer to your specific business. The JEMSU team assesses all platforms when creating your strategy, and advises your company on which ones will work best for your business. If Facebook Ads aren’t right for you, we’ll find the platform that is.

Should my business use Facebook ads?

Like we mentioned, every business is different. JEMSU has seen incredible results with Facebook advertising, and we continue to recommend it to our clients on a regular basis. There are plenty of reasons to consider a Facebook advertising campaign, but here are some of the most important ones.

It’s never been easier to target a specific audience segment with an ad. If you want to find a 28 year old who recently moved from NYC to Denver and is craving a decent bagel, Facebook’s ad platform can help you do that.

Because Facebook Ads can be shown on the social media platform and a variety of associated websites, the placement possibilities are endless. Your ads can compete with international brands because everyone is bidding on the audience instead of the ad spot. Add in the endless scrolling nature of Facebook and your ad is now playing with the big guys.

Did we mention the endless scrolling? The average person spends multiple hours a day scrolling social media, and is likely to see an ad every 3-7 posts. More often than not, these users are actively paying attention to their phone during this scrolling, so you can catch their attention while they go about their normal lives.

Facebook ads are the perfect way to express what your company is all about. Creative and compelling designs are encouraged by the platform, so making a great ad will encourage Facebook to show it even more.

Using the Facebook pixel is an easy process, and makes conversion tracking a no brainer for your business. With their proprietary Event Setup Tool, every click can be tracked and traced back to an ad. This lets JEMSU be granular in our analysis and optimize your campaigns into conversion machines.

The JEMSU Difference

JEMSU has an active roster of clients running Facebook advertising and seeing incredible results. Our clients have continually increased their sales throughout their relationship with JEMSU, and have found extra income to do things like increase ad spend, expand to different channels, and even hire full sales teams. 

So what’s our secret? Obviously, we won’t be giving that all away. Nonetheless, there are a few things JEMSU does that give our clients the extra mojo they need for a successful campaign.

Ad Strategy

The most important part of our process happens in your first month as a JEMSU client. We take the time to do a full kickoff call, and learn everything about your business. We ask specific questions about your business goals, profit margins, top selling product or services, and what makes your business better than the competition. 

Once we gather that information, we start working on our strategy. We check out other competitors in the space, scope out prospective audience reach, write possible ad copy, and lay out our entire plan of attack. We bring this plan to you and discuss it, making sure it aligns with your ultimate sales goals. 

Ad Creation

After creating your strategy, we start working on the account build. While part of this is creating campaigns and choosing the right settings, the real work happens when we make your ads. We leverage multiple design partners to create ads that highlight your company and show off what you do best. We also make sure to use multiple ad formats, different ad text, and varying calls to action to make sure we get a good picture of what works and what doesn’t from the start.

Conversion Tracking Setup

JEMSU are big believers in the Facebook pixel. We make sure the pixel is properly installed across your website and tracking all requested conversions. Additionally, we make sure that a number of audiences are created from the start, even if not all are utilized at first. This allows other audiences to populate while we’re running ads, giving us options for future ads.

Regular Account Optimization

While we create great campaigns from day 1, our campaigns are always monitored and optimized to make sure results continue to grow. Regular optimizations are performed each month in client accounts, including budget distribution, new ad creation, audience testing, and more. Larger restructures and optimizations happen every few months.

Frequent Testing

As diehard marketers, we love a split test. From the start, we test various ad formats, creative, copy, and audiences to see what works best for your business. From these tests, we often spot trends about what is working for your campaign and what isn’t, allowing the ads to perform better in the long run. Additionally, we actively research new Facebook features, and roll them out when applicable to our clients.

All of these factors mix together to create the JEMSU method. Each client gets a fully custom strategy, along with detailed reporting and consultations from their JEMSU team. Whether you are a mom and pop shop looking for a sales boost or a Fortune 500 company who needs a brand overhaul, the JEMSU team can set you up for success.

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