4 Industries Getting the Most ROI on Digital Marketing

There’s no doubting the power of an effective digital marketing campaign. Studies show the average ROI to be 685 percent for social media influencer campaigns and 3,800 percent for strategic email marketing. Digital marketing strategies are paying off tremendously, yet many businesses in varying industries are failing to realize the potential.

These facts do not change based on which industry your business falls under. Both B2B and B2C businesses are embracing the unlimited potential that digital marketing offers.

Here’s a look at four industries gaining the most ROI from digital marketing efforts:


4 Industries Getting The Most Roi On Digital Marketing

1. Fitness & Nutrition

People want solutions to their problems, and effective digital marketing campaigns offer just that. Through proper content marketing strategies, the ROI potential for a fitness or nutrition brand is massive. Lately, the focus has been set on building real connections and using influencer marketers to build one-to-one marketing relationships.

2. Local Service Businesses

Believe it or not, local businesses tend to hit the highest ROI with the lowest fail rate. One of the primary reasons is less competition, which brings down the advertising costs for each business. Through social media, a city- or state-based brand can use word-of-mouth marketing to become a well-known name in the area. Plus, local SEO helps contractors, doctors, and lawyers achieve lead generation success at an extremely affordable rate.

3. Real Estate

Property managers and realtors have a right-hand advantage through the help of social media. Just imagine the positive results from becoming personable with your prospective tenants, especially since property management companies often “scare away” many potential renters. When selling a house, you can invite buyers by advertising via Facebook and reward a small commission to any friend who shares the ad to the eventual buyer.

4. Education

Generation Z is now taking over, and it will be the majority generation by 2020. These individuals are tech-oriented and are considered to be heavy learners. Are you marketing any type of e-Learning product? Now is the opportune time. Digital marketing can get the word out about what you offer; for example, you can run a targeted social media marketing campaign to attract professionals and students to relevant online courses.

Almost any industry can be successful with digital marketing if done right. The key is to figure out how to apply your marketing strategies to fit your goals. Let the experts help you get there.