Blogging is a popular medium for content creation which would, in turn, push traffic to your business. This post will give you 10 ways to write a blog post about your products. Overall, this post will let you know why blogging is your friend, and it would also let give you ideas you can use.

Blogging is your Friend. Use It

Why You Should Write a Blog Post about your Products

The 10 commerce tips

  • Target Your Audience Product Interest
  • Keep Content On Your Products Unique.
  • Sell Your Product
  • Talk about The industry
  • Write about Events
  • Write About Other People’s Product Experience
  • Get Visual with Blog Post
  • Focus on Your Consumers
  • Create Content of FAQ of Your Product
  • Use Data for Your Blog Post


Blogging is your Friend. Use It

As an e-commerce owner, blogging is your best friend. It doesn’t matter if your e-commerce is a clothing store or a professional writing services business. No matter the kind of online commerce you run, a blog will always be relevant. So, having a blog section on your website would allow you to curate interesting blog posts that will attract people to your website.

Valuable content is a key to commanding consumers as they will be regulars to your website when something is interesting for them to consume. If you can provide that, you grow a base of loyal customers. The best part is that you might not need to spend a dime getting traffic for your website. If you have to, it would be so insignificant that it won’t hurt your budget.


Why You Should Write a Blog Post about your Products

Your mission is clear. You have to get the best content to write. No pressure. You are not the only blogger in the world. In the United States alone, there are over 30 million bloggers. In the world, there are about 500 million blogs.  So, to get engagements through your blog posts, you have to dig deep you would need blog post ideas for your e-commerce business. We have curated these e-commerce blog ideas with a team of marketing specialists at Essay Geeks. We assure you that you will be filled with ways you can increase engagement of your website through your blog post at the end of this post.


Target Your Audience Product Interest

You have to get a niche, and you can get this by studying the kind of products you sell and the market for it. You can’t be writing a blog post about a product without having a niche. Research your products and be sure of the demography that it appeals to. Writing to cater to your audience’s interest is a speedy way of increasing engagement because you would be serving them their favorite food all the time. Sure, you might find it hard at first to find your audience’s interest. Luckily, you can fill this gap by using any of the survey tools on the internet. Don’t make your content about your products repetitive. Be sure to mix things up a bit so your audience can continue to maintain their excitement.


Keep Content On Your Products Unique.

The truth is, you are not the only one that owns the type of product you want to write about. You aren’t the only one that provides what your audience wants. Chances are your post has been written by your competitors before. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from writing, but you have to add what your competitors have skipped. So, to do this, read the posts of your competitors. Identify the knowledge gaps in their content and fill it for your audience. That would make your content unique from your competition. For instance, if you run a dissertation service, you can make your content unique by ensuring you write about aspects of the product your competitor has skipped.


Sell Your Product

We recommend you talk about your products directly, instead of the usual writing content and hyperlinking words to lead your readers to the product. When you hyperlink words in your content, you might lose readers who would not want to be bothered with such links. So, the alternative is that you dedicate your content to talking about a product.

When you talk about the product, you can start from the history of the product. Then the functions of the project and how the product was made. Finally, you can make this enjoyable by talking about how you got inspired to trading in the product or service. When you do this, you advertise the product for your readers and let them know why it will be helpful for them. In addition, you can generate backlinks to your site.



Talk about The industry

Let your readers know how the industry your brand belongs to work. Chances are they don’t know much about the industry, but you can fill that gap by making your blog the hotbed for industry information they need but won’t likely get anywhere else. That way, they connect to the industry through you. As a result, your brand becomes synonymous with the industry. It is important to do this without the industry. You won’t have a product to write about or sell.


Write about Events

Whether you are organizing an event or participating in one, your blog should have details of it. That’s content. For instance, when you are launching a product, write about the product and the launch. Create an interest in the product without having the product available. You can make your readers anticipate it by using a countdown feature on your blog. To show the product will be valuable to you as you want it to be valuable to them, you should write about your expectations of the product also. To make your blog post about the product more engaging, throw it open for your readers to add the expectations of their products.



Write About Other People’s Product Experience

Your blog post is your story, but what if you made it someone else’s. For example, you can pick a commenter at random and co-write a blog post with them. They could write about their experience using the products you are selling, and through that, some of your readers connect more with your brand.


Get Visual with Blog Post

You don’t always have to be a Nerdy Writer. Your blog post about your product doesn’t have to be only words. People find it easier to consume visual content. So, once in a while, you can switch up the way you deliver your blog post. You can use videos to deliver your blog post, or you can use images. Also, to drive engagement, you can provide options for your readers. For example, you can provide a video option where you talk about the product. You can also have the same blog post about the product in words or comic form. That way, your content caters to all audiences.


Focus on Your Consumers

Caution, you can only use this once in a while. Use only when there is a buzzing topic on social media. Then, you can write something brief on the issue and ask for the opinions of your readers. When they reply, they get engaged and bring in more people to your website as the readers arguing would need back up and ask their friends or loved ones to help them.


 Create Content of FAQ of Your Product

Your comment sections and your customer care service will face so many questions about your brand and product. It would be best to create a blog post about your product that deals explicitly with these problems. Then, you can expand on it by making the blog post a self-care for customers and potential customers—that way, your customer service deal with actual problems.


Use Data for Your Blog Post

Some product blog post requires that you use statistics. When you write those types of blog posts, include those statistics as part of the post. Share these statistics in a visual form. Such statistics make your blog post believable, and as much as people want to be entertained, they also want the truth.


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